Custom Design

Intelliconnect USA is unique in the world of RF connectors and components.

Custom RF ConnectorIt has, since its inception in 2003 provided technology businesses, blue chip and otherwise, with solutions to any number of issues relating to electrical performance, physicality, interface, water resistance, materials, finish or obsolescence.

Intelliconnect USA is most of all about innovation. From our IP67/68 system for internally and externally sealing all types of RF/Coaxial connectors to our brand new patented hingelock antenna connector, we are constantly seeking solutions which, because of the recent changes in global manufacturing, is a rare quality in USA/UK component businesses. Additionally we are able to offer the fastest turnaround in the industry for Drawings (24 Hours), Samples (from 3 weeks) and delivered product to your door in 6 weeks.

We are so confident in the quality of both our design and of our product that we will offer free first article samples with production orders for custom designed connectors.

Our design teams will work closely with you to ensure that provide you with the help, advice and ultimately, the product you really need to give optimum performance at the lowest possible acquisition cost.